2019 Coverage for Barley
YIELD PROTECTION (YP) CONTRACT PRICING:  If you produce any of the following specialty barley type(s) including specialty type(s) grown for seed:
You may elect to use the price contained in your production contract (contract price) as your projected price for each specialty type.  This acreage must be under contract with a business enterprise equipped with facilities appropriate to handle and store specialty type barley production.  The contract must be executed by you and the business enterprise, in effect for the crop year, and you must provide a copy to us no later than the acreage reporting date. 

2019 Coverage for Spring Wheat or Durum
Guaranteed Price per Bushel Spring Wheat is $5.77
Guaranteed Price per Bushel Durum is $5.98

IF YOU SEEDED WINTER WHEAT, YOUR COVERAGE CAN'T BE CHANGED.  If you did NOT seed any winter wheat, you may change, cancel or add your Plan of Insurance, Level of Insurance, endorsements and options.

Summerfallow:  To qualify for this practice for the current crop year, the acreage must not have been planted to a crop in the preceding crop year and lie fallow for a full crop year.  In cases of previously existing perennial crop (e.g., forage, grass hay, alfalfa, etc.), even if planted on previous CRP acreage, such crop must be terminated by mechanical or chemical means a full crop year before planting of the crop in order to qualify for the SF practice.  In addition, any plant growth must be terminated on or before JUNE 15 and any later plant growth must be controlled by mechanical or chemical means.  However, if a crop was planted on acreage qualifying as summerfallow the preceding crop year but was terminated on or before JUNE 15, and any later growth is controlled by mechanical or chemical means, the acreage will qualify as summerfallow the next crop year.

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